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While most food-delivery services do not accept SNAP or EBT benefits, particularly for restaurant-orders, you can actually order food with EBT/SNAP in some cases.

In some places such as California you can use your Calfresh (EBT) benefits at Amazon and Walmart (online), including much of the food at Walmart’s or Whole Food’s deli and other “prepared foods” that otherwise normally aren’t able to be paid for using EBT/SNAP.

But generally this isn’t possible — below we’ll cover what’s possible in most of the country and any exceptions that might be in place currently, as well as some alternative food-delivery methods to use your EBT/SNAP benefits if you aren’t able to — or simply don’t want to go out for groceries or food.

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Does UberEats Accept EBT/SNAP?

No, currently UberEats doesn’t accept EBT or SNAP benefits — while many people say this is because UberEats only sells prepared food, and prepared food is not allowed through these programs this is simply not true as often times UberEats has non-prepared foods as well, not to mention semi-prepared foods are allowed (such as Deli sections at stores such as Walmart).

Ultimately UberEats doesn’t accept EBT or SNAP simply because they don’t want the hassle of setting it up and the work that would go into verifying if something is EBT/SNAP eligible or if it’s not allowed to be purchased with such benefits.

Does DoorDash Accept EBT/SNAP?

DoorDash also doesn’t accept EBT or SNAP beenfits currently whatsoever — even for non-prepared or minimally-prepared foods.

Much like with Uber they simply do not want to apply for approval nor want the overhead of approving specific items for EBT/SNAP on the platform — as most items on DoorDash wouldn’t be eligible even if they accepted it, as most is (hot) prepared food from restaurants, which isn’t allowed under the EBT/SNAP program rules.

Does Instacart Accept EBT/SNAP?

Yes, Instacartas of late 2020has begun accepting EBT & SNAP benefits for some retailers — including popular names such as Whole Foods, Aldi’s, and Walmart.

Through Istacart’s app you can order pretty much anything these stores offer — with the exception of cooked chicken and other warm-items that are already cooked — generally these won’t be listed in the app as their availability is limited and they aren’t always approved for purchase with EBT/SNAP.

Does Amazon (Fresh or Pantry) Accept EBT/SNAP?

Yes — Just like with Istacart AmazonFresh and AmazonPantry are payable using your EBT or SNAP benefits — You also get a discount off Amazon Prime if you have a EBT or SNAP card, however remember you don’t need Amazon Prime to receive free shipping or buy many food-items off Amazon with EBT/SNAP.

Keep in mind though, you still won’t be able to purchase non-food items like electronics or furniture on Amazon with your benefits; purchases are restricted to food only.

Does PostMates Accept EBT/SNAP?

Unfortunately no, Postmates doesn’t accept EBT/SNAP currently — this is because they pretty much only have restaurants on their service and all their food is pre-prepared (or prepared to order) and thus EBT/SNAP will not pay for it.

While we find those rules quite silly, as in some cases restaurants aren’t more expensive than cooking food at home — especially if you have to rent a place with a kitchen as a result, those are the rules and there’s not really getting around them.

Does GrubHub Accept EBT/SNAP?

Grubhub doesn’t currently accept EBT/SNAP as they exclusively work with restaurants who sell ready-to-eat food which aren’t allowed to be purchased through the EBT or SNAP program currently — hopefully this changes in the future, but until then it’s just how things are.

You can still order groceries online and pre-packaged deli foods from Istacart, Amazon, or Walmart’s website and have them delivered right to your door though — sometiems in as little as 30-40minutes.

Does GoPuff Take EBT?

From our understanding GoPuff currently doesn’t accept EBT or SNAP benefits, which on the surface is strange as convenience stores do their self — but the reason boils down to delivery being deemed ‘not essential’ and thus not supported by EBT/SNAP and other government assistance programs.

Does Hungryroot Accept EBT?

Hungryroot doesn’t currently accept EBT or SNAP benefits like other online grocers with delivery such as HEB, Walmart, and Amazon — this is once again due to them being 100% online-based and thus not being able to take EBT/SNAP benefits like larger retailers with physical locations where they deliver from.

Why don't most food delivery services accept EBT or SNAP?

To accept EBT or SNAP benefits these food delivery services must verify every single item on the platform to ensure they are qualifying purchases or not — which is just too costly and burdensome for most of them to bother with — this is why centralized delivery services, that only deliver their own products, such as Amazon Fresh and approved supermarkets through Instacart allow you to pay with EBT or SNAP, as the grocers have already verified every product they sell for EBT/SNAP eligibility.

The same isn’t the case for restaurants, as restaurants are often times not big chains, and even when they are generally only a few items are EBT/SNAP eligible, and thus they simply do not bother with accepting the benefits for purchases. At this time it doesn’t seem like this will be changing as none of the big fast-food or restaurant chain have made a move to accept EBT or SNAP be it in-store or for delivery purposes.

What Food-Delivery Apps Accept EBT/SNAP? [2022] - Greenery Financial (2024)
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