What Can Be Mixed with Raw Dog Food? (2024)

What Can Be Mixed with Raw Dog Food? (1)

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If you’ve started your dog on a raw diet, you may be wondering what (if anything) you can add to his meals to switch things up a bit. While raw diets work best when they are carefully balanced, that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for variety.

To help you make your dog’s raw diet more exciting, try mixing some of the things listed below into his food.

Caution: No Kibble!

Although many people mix kibble with raw food when they are first transitioning their dog to a raw diet, this is not recommended for dogs who are already on a steady raw diet. Kibble and raw food are digested in different ways, and having to work on both at the same time could become very taxing for your dog’s stomach. If you do want to feed your dog some kibble in addition to his raw food, it’s best to do it in separate feedings to avoid making him queasy.

5 Things You Can Mix with Your Dog’s Raw Food

1. Bone Broth
Bone broth is rich in nutrients that are hard to get from other sources, including arginine, glycine, and glucosamine. These can boost your dog’s collagen production, platelet levels, blood flow, and other key signs of health. You can make your own broth from leftover bones from your kitchen cabinets or purchase pre-made broth made especially for dogs.
2. Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is high in fibre as well as vitamins A and C. The extra vitamin A helps keep your dog’s eyes, nerves, and muscles healthy while the vitamin C boosts his immune system. Sweet potato is also easy to mash up and stir into raw food, so your dog won’t have to contend with too many different textures in his meal.
3. Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a popular addition to many raw diets. It’s high in both fibre and antioxidants, substances that can help protect your dog against health issues like cancer and heart disease. It also comes in a convenient canned form that you can buy in bulk and store in your pantry, ensuring it’s always there when you need it.
4. Fruits
Fruits like apples, pears, and watermelon all make excellent additions to a raw diet. Dogs love their sweet taste, and they offer plenty of vitamins and minerals with minimal extra calories. Make sure you keep your dog’s portions small to avoid excess sugar, and don’t give him any grapes! As most dog owners know, grapes are toxic to dogs.
5. Raw Eggs
Raw eggs are perfect to add to a raw diet mix. They’re high in protein and offer a plethora of vitamins and amino and fatty acids that will help your dog look and feel his best. Dogs also love the taste of them. Unfortunately, they are relatively high in calories, so you’ll need to be careful about how often you include them. Try to save them for special occasions when you can offer them to your dog as a relatively healthy treat.

Mix It Up!

A raw dog food diet offers an excellent array of nutrients as it is. Anything you add to it is a tasty bonus for your pup to enjoy. Experiment with different raw formulas and mix-ins to find the combination that your fur kid loves best.

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What Can Be Mixed with Raw Dog Food? (2024)


What Can Be Mixed with Raw Dog Food? ›

Raw dog food is a diet consisting of uncooked animal parts, such as meat, organs, and bones, which is designed to mimic the natural diet of dogs' wild ancestors. Some people also choose to add fruits and vegetables to their dog's raw food diet, although these are not typically necessary.

What to mix with my dog raw food? ›

After meat and offal, other ingredients help provide a wide range of nutrients. Adding healthy sources of vegetables such as carrots, swede, peas and spinach can provide your dog with a great source of dietary fibre, which can help to maintain gut health. Dog-friendly fruits can also provide taste, texture and smell.

What to include in a dog raw food diet? ›

The recommended guidelines for a BARF diet consists of 70% muscle meat, 10% raw edible bone, 7% vegetables, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organ, 2% seeds or nuts, and 1% fruit.

What supplements should be added to raw dog food? ›

  • Essential Fatty Acids. A smarter pet with a healthy brain. ...
  • Trace Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants. They're small but mighty: micronutrients are an all-encompassing term for trace minerals and vitamins, and they come from feeding a variety of raw foods. ...
  • Calcium & Phosphorus. ...
  • Probiotics.
Feb 1, 2024

What can I add to my dogs raw food to bulk it up? ›

Feed your dog human food
  • Eggs - You can crack an egg over a bowl of your dog's raw food and mix it well.
  • Cottage cheese - Make sure it is full fat to maximise benefits.
  • Lean meat - Adding a portion of raw lean meat is a good option, especially for muscle development.
Sep 20, 2021

What to add to a raw food diet? ›

On a raw food diet, you can eat uncooked and unprocessed foods, such as produce, nuts, legumes, and sprouted grains. Some people may also consume raw dairy, eggs, meat, or fish.

Should I add anything to my dogs raw diet? ›

The beef, chicken, and turkey formulas found in our store provides your dogs with the foundational aspects of a raw dog food diet: muscle meat, organs, and bone. These are the components that are mandatory. So if you want a short answer, it would be no, you don't need to add any supplements.

What vegetables can I add to raw dog food? ›

Like so much in life, a small amount is good, but too much is bad. My favourite vegetables to feed are all the dark leafy greens and brassicas, so think kale, broccoli, spring greens, cabbage and fresh herbs.

How can I make my raw dog food taste better? ›

The 10 best dog food toppers include canned pumpkin, fresh vegetables, sardines, phytoplankton, raw eggs, anchovies, cucumbers, bone broth, plain yogurt or kefir, and blueberries. These toppers not only enhance the taste of your dog's meals but also provide added nutrients and health benefits.

Can I add water to my dogs raw food? ›

Alternatively, you can add a little warm water, which also enhances the raw food's smell and flavour. After four days, you'll be able to feed straight from the refrigerator without stomach upset.

What is the cheapest way to feed my dog raw? ›

The most affordable raw dog food option for your pet would be to combine budget-friendly proteins like chicken and beef with bulk purchases of raw dog food, such as the bulk patties and Essential Boxes from We Feed Raw. Additionally, using raw food as a topper or base for dry dog food can help save money.

Can I add rice to raw dog food? ›

A balanced raw diet usually has all the nutrients your canine needs, so rice isn't needed to be added.

Why is my dog hungry on raw food? ›

No “Puffing Up”

This makes the kibble “puff up” and take up more space in your dog's stomach. Moisture-rich raw dog food doesn't have this same effect, which may cause dogs to feel hungrier on a raw diet than on kibble.

What to add to 80-10-10 raw dog food? ›

80/10/10 Complete Minces or Dinners: pre-prepared minces containing a variety of either single or mixed proteins made with 80% meat, 10% ground bone and 10% organ meat. You can also add nutritional supplements containing fish oil, dried vegetables, fruit, herbals and nuts for added benefits.

Can I mix raw dog food with dry? ›

Feeding raw and kibble to dogs can improve their digestion, reduce allergies, boost immunity, and provide a balance of essential nutrients for overall health. Mixing raw and kibble can also make mealtime more appealing and nutritious for your pup.

What is the best raw food ratio for dogs? ›

The ratio for “BARF” raw feeding is 70% muscle meat, 10% raw edible bone, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organs, 7% vegetables, 2% seeds or nuts, and 1% fruit. According to Billy Hoekman, the Natural Science Coordinator for Answers Pet Food, dogs are facilitative carnivores.

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